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Core Assistant

Meet your new virtual assistant!

Whether its :
  • weeding through emails,
  • keeping track of contacts,
  • coordinating your schedule,
  • jotting down ideas,
  • tracking projects,
  • managing your budget,
  • or staying in touch with your network,
    friends and family,
Core Assistant will be your new trusted partner.
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Welcome to Jentech Inc.
productivity software.

Our Core Suite of software is built to optimize your time and keep you productive, not busy.


Streamlined organization

One app to manage: communications, contacts, schedules, meetings, notes, to do lists, tasks, projects, spreadsheets, budgets, and more!


Stay in touch

Text, audio and video chat to stay in touch with your family, friends and network. Keep professional conversations on point with organized contacts and quick access notes.


Collaborate from anywhere

Whether you are planning the next family reunion or finalizing a pitch deck, your collaborators and real time updates are at your fingertips.